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February 2018

Haven Extras – 2018

By Home Lifestyle Tips, News

We all know it – cash is no longer king. Australians now use cards more often than cash to pay for things. Understanding the value of money is an important childhood lesson, so as traditional cash nears extinction, how do parents pay their kids pocket money and continue to instil a practical life lesson? This clever Australian business might just have the answer.

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How to cure the Christmas debt hangover

By Finance Help

The festive season might be a distant memory but many of us will still be paying for it well into the future. According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), more than a third of us put our Christmas gifts on plastic, racking up an average individual debt of $1,6661.

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Monthly winner for January 2018

By Competitions, News

We appreciate your feedback, that’s why each month we give our customers who have recently settled a loan the chance to go in the competition to win a small thank you gift. This month’s winner is Kimberley, and she has won a Bunnings Gift Card. Congratulations Kimberley!

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