Refinancing My Home Loan

Why you can bank on a broker

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One in two Australian home buyers1 now borrow via a broker. A dip in sentiment towards traditional banks, tighter lending criteria for investors and better-educated consumers have all helped boost mortgage brokers’ popularity over the past decade. There are, indeed, a raft of reasons to turn to a broker for your next home loan. Here are eight to get you started.

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Ease the squeeze

By Buying My First Home, Refinancing My Home Loan

The good news is interest rates are at record lows. The bad news is the average mortgage size in most Australian capitals has hit an all-time high. The challenge for many borrowers who are used to low rates could be keeping up with payments when rates inevitably rise. Those who want to get ahead will be taking steps now to make the most of low rates so they have a buffer down the track. But if you are already feeling weighed down by debt, it may be time to lighten the load.

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